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Newsletter 111 December 2019

Dear Friends,


December’s newsletter comes to you slightly early, in anticipation of this week’s General Election. Over the past month, we have been exploring what it means to Love, Pray, Vote, as we prepare to head to the polling booth on Thursday. New political challenges make the call to love those around us through the way we engage in this election particularly pertinent. As we cast our vote, how can we carry with us the voice of the common good? You can find resources to help you explore this below.



In an advent season, we wait in anticipation for God’s arrival among us. And when God does come, he can be found as a child, with those normally kept on the margins called in close and a message of triumphant humility in his heart.


As we ponder Christ’s coming once again, may we hold God’s promise to lift up the lowly and fill the hungry with good things as our vision, of God’s kingdom come in this world.



Every Blessing,

Hannah & Roo

General Election 

This week, the UK will vote on a new Westminster Parliament. As we've prepared for this, we've been encouraging you to Love, Pray, Vote. This week, could you take some time to think and pray about how your vote could affect those around you? We've prepared resources to help you as you #LovePrayVote.

If you've got 5 minutes... Read Simeon's blog 'Getting to the heart of the General Election', exploring key issues and how your vote could affect your neighbour. 

Simeon's Blog

If you've got 15 minutes... Look through our policy briefings, and dig deeper into some of the issues your vote will influence this Thursday. 

Policy Briefings

If you've got longer... Why not find and listen to the voice of someone who might have a different perspective to you? Being loving in this election means seeking the flourishing of those around us. Minority voices, particularly those on the margins, might not always be heard in this election. Could you take the time to listen, and consider how your vote can lift up the voice of others?

Listen to November's Faith in Politics Podcast, which explores this topic, to find out more.

Podcast - General Election Special

As we approach this election, we pray that those voting might feel a sense of God's love, hunger for justice and seek the common good. You can find some prayers to help you here.

Tickets are flying off the shelf for our National Conference, taking place in less than three months. We're excited for the opportunity to spend time thinking creatively about how we respond, in faith, to the challenges facing our planet. We'd love for you to join us. 



Free tickets are available for those who are on low incomes, students or are unemployed.

Get your tickets here

Spotlight on: Workshops

During the afternoon, the conference programme is full to bursting with interesting workshops, helping you to creatively respond to the challenges ahead. We'll be asking questions such as 'what would it mean to live in a poverty free economy?', 'what is the role of business in responding to climate change?' and 'how can we speak with a distinctively Christian voice in climate action?'. Our guest facilitators, from Christian Aid to Christian Climate Action, will be helping you to gather the tools needed to go out in hope. 


Conference Workshops - Explore More

Public Issues Calendar 2020


The Public Issues Calendar 2020 is available now. Feel free to reproduce it for your churches, and get the dates in your diary!



The Public Issues Calendar marks all of the key dates for public issues, such as special Sundays and conferences.

Public Issues Calendar 2020

Have you been following the Natwivity?


This year, we're delighted to host the Natwivity, telling the Christmas story afresh on Facebook and Twitter. It's not too late to join us - click on the links to follow.



Each week, we are uncovering how we can hear the gospel anew, through the lives of unlikely messengers in today's world. This week, discover Lina's Story on the JPIT blog.

Discover Lina's Story

Faith in Politics Podcast - Inderjit Bhogal

In Episode 3 of Faith in Politics Season 3, Cameron and Rosella interview Inderjit Bhogal, winner of the World Methodist Council Peace Award and founder of City of Sanctuary. Inderjit discusses the increasing hostility towards immigrants in the UK and how peace needs to be on the agenda. This month we muse on “Are Christians hypocritical in our welcome?”.

Listen here


On Tuesday 3rd December, Dispatches followed the lives of some of the UK's children 'Growing Up Poor'. Paul took a look at how many children in the UK today are trapped in Poverty, and explored how hearing the voices of these children is important in responding to growing inequality.

How many children are "Growing Up Poor"?

In a new blog, Rosella asks 'How would your grandchildren vote?'. Read her exploration of how our vote on Thursday can affect changes in the longer term, particularly for the generations who come after us

How would your grandchildren vote?

Life on the Breadline 

‘Life on the Breadline’ research is analysing the nature, scope and impact of Christian engagement with urban poverty in the UK, in the context of austerity. It’s the first of its kind, working across multiple disciplines, and includes interviews with national and regional church leaders. To find out more, to hear about their upcoming conference or to subscribe to the blog for updates, visit

How could you be talking about public issues this month?

  • Before Thursday's vote, could you find out what your candidates think about different issues? In our Policy Briefings, we've included questions to ask your candidates, to find out what they think about issues such as nuclear weapons, Universal Credit and Brexit. Find them here.
  • This advent, we're inviting you to explore who the unlikely messengers of the nativity story are - you can read our reflections here. In this season, there will be many whose experience of Christmas will be difficult, as they are trapped in poverty or seek a safe home. Could you find space in your church community to raise the voices of those who experience injustice with us today, and explore how  encounter with their story can help us meet God anew?

Dates for the diary

18 December - International Migrants Day. Find out more here.

18–25 January - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. This year, resources have been prepared by the churches in Malta and Gozo. Find resources here.

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