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March 2020

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It’s March already, where did the time go? Soon we will be moving our clocks forward and the days will be getting lighter, hurray!

So in preparation there are some marvellous books, magazines, publications and helpful resources to tell you and your churches about as we get ready for Spring.

Getting ready to pray


The Methodist Prayer Handbook 2019/2020: Responding to the Gospel is full of beautiful prayers.


Let's pray

Photos needed for the next Methodist Prayer Handbook:2020/2021: The Earth is the LORD's

Have members of your church recently done any conservation work or engaged with any environmental projects? Has your church received an Eco-Church award? If so, please send photos to the Prayer Handbook Editor for consideration for inclusion in next year's Handbook.



Photos must include at least one human being and should be emailed to



Please send photos in high resolution (i.e. a large file size) along with a description, including where the photo was taken.



For full submission guidelines visit the Methodist Church website.




Methodist Prayer Handbook 2020/2021: The Earth is the LORD's



The Earth is the LORD’s recognises how human activities are having a major impact on the life systems of our world. Use these prayers of thanksgiving, penitence and intercession to resolve that, with God’s help, we may take responsibility for our actions and, as stewards of God’s gift to us, participate in the healing of creation.

Getting ready to worship

The Easter Offering 2020 dedication service features people who have made a journey: some in obedience to God’s call on their lives, and others because they had no choice.


The worship service encourages us to reflect and learn from those who travel, and to consider our own journeys – both physical and spiritual.

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Getting ready to welcome

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