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Creative kids wallpaper HD photo download.


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21st June -  God cares even for the sparrows!


28th June - Jesus Welcomes us!

Well done to one of our members

who sent us this picture of her work

from the 28th June Funsheet!


5th July - Help us to Trust God!

As the servant sat by the well, a girl came to the well. The servant asked her for a drink and she happily got him a drink. Then she looked around and saw his camels nearby and offered to give water to his camels, too! It happened exactly as he had asked of God!!



12th July - The Parable of the Sower


Dear God, help me to be rooted in good soil and do good things

for others and myself Amen



19th July - The Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds


2nd August - Jacob wrestling with God

9th August - Over the Rainbow  
16th August - Spot the Difference  
23rd August - Funnybones!  
30th August - Sing of the Lord's Goodness  
6th September - Who is my Neighbour?  
27th September - Rock, Paper, Scissors  
4thOctober - Colouring in!  
11th October - Join the Party  
18th October - Playing Tricks!  
25th October - Easy to say!  
8th November - Remembering  
15th November - What are you good at?  
22nd November 2020 - Can you tell the difference?  
29th November 2020 - Light for the World!  
6th December 2020 - The reason for the season!  
13th December 2020 - What are you like?  
20th December 2020 - Jesus for All!  
3rd January 2021 - Missing Christmas?  
10th January 2021 - What would your badge look like?  
17th January 2021 - God knows our name!  
24th January 2021 - Secret Signs  
31st January 2021- Stop - Listen - Go!  
7th February 2021 - "Ever Ready" for God  
14th February 2021 - WOW!  
21st February 2021 - God's Promise  
28th February 2021 - Playing for keeps?  
7th March 2021 - Jesus is always alongside us  
14th March 2021 - Thank You Mum!  
21st March 2021 - What's the Attraction?  
28th March 2021 - Palm Sunday  
4th April 2021 - Easter Day  
21st April 2021 - Dressing up for Jesus  
25th April 2021 - Actions speak louder than Words  

2nd May 2021 - Heavenly Grapes

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9th May 2021 - Favourites  
16th May 2021 - Jesus is with us! - Amazing!  
23rd May 2021 - Where's my Comforter?  
30th May 2021 - Are you wearing your Lifejacket?  
6th June 2021 - What have you been chosen for?  
13th June 2021 -   
20th June 2021 - Peace be with You!  
27th June 2021 - Have you got the sense?  
4th July 2021 - Love and be loved  
11th July 2021 - Looking after God's world  
18th July 2021 - Take a Break!