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December 2017
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Editor: Matthew Reed

Church & Community Development Officer

In this mail you will find stories about imaginative chaplaincy work along with news of resources, training and events.

If you have a story, picture, reflection or idea to share with the Chaplaincy Everywhere network, please get in touch: by email.

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19th Century shepherds smock


A shepherd's reflection for Christmas


I’ve been thinking a lot about the Shepherds in the nativity story, and musing that, of the available characters at the nativity, it is the shepherds who might best represent chaplains. Working outside the regular community, difficult hours, not always welcome… need I go on?


One of my prize possessions is a shepherd’s smock from the mid-19th century. The most distinctive thing about it is that it is reversible: the front and back are identical so you can turn it right round. There are even pockets, big enough for a lamb, that can be accessed from both directions. One side was for the nicer parts of the job, the part of being a shepherd that we usually think of when the ‘Good Shepherd’ is imagined, but the other side was for the more difficult tasks. One side is clean, the other has blood stains. Shepherds, like chaplains, are often at moments of crisis, on the margins of life, where difficult and heart-breaking situations are faced and dealt with. Chaplaincy has its bloody side. Yet, it is important to remember that for every moment that needs the dirty side of the smock, there are many more moments of calm and joy which require the clean side.

As we gather at the stable, among our fellow shepherds, may the peace of the Christ-child fill our hearts with the perfect reward of love. Amen

Have a peaceful, happy and blessed Christmas,


Your Stories...

The Forbidden Words

Rob Jones reflects on the making of a film about chaplaincy in the armed forces


In spring this year, we were shooting footage for the new short film about military chaplaincy: “A Force for Good” and I was remembering the experience of making the previous film “Chaplaincy Everywhere”. On that occasion we were almost finished when we realised that one phrase occurred too often and we pruned out nearly all the references. The phrase was quite simply ‘it’s a privilege’. Knowing this to be the case, we tried very hard not to use the word privilege at all in the new film – in fact just one mention got through. See if you can spot it and the raised eyebrow that gives it away!

Truth is, it is very hard to talk about chaplaincy without the sense of privilege that nearly all chaplains feel for the special ministry they undertake. But chaplaincy is not about the chaplains but about those to whom we offer a glimpse of God’s love.

Holy God, help us to remember that what we do is not about us but about your gracious gift to those we care for, in Jesus’ name. Amen

Force for good is available from the Methodist Church website, or on Vimeo. It is ideal for informing the wider church about this valuable work. Ideal for Synod and other meetings, it can be used as a trigger for prayer and reflection, as well as advocating chaplaincy

Watch Force for Good on Vimeo

Find our more about Forces Chaplaincy here  

Horses preparing to race

Bet Your Life


Geoff Best experiences the damper end of chaplaincy, and reflects…

The skies opened and the rain fell in torrents as four bedraggled people walked as briskly as the weather allowed across an almost empty car park at York Races. The day had started with an early breakfast and on the course by 9.30, and now at approaching 6.00 the shift was over. I’d been a disinterested, but not uninterested, observer of chaplaincy at work, and would spend the evening reflecting on what I’d seen and heard.

Read the full article here

Twitter logo with Christmas hat



Recognising that chaplains share alternative aspects of Advent and Christmas with the communities they serve, we’re suggesting that we capture some of the privileges and poignant moments on the journey through Advent. Your words and pictures with the hashtag #aChaplainsChristmas will create a powerful rounded picture of what the season means beyond the tinsel and baubles (but by all means include the tinsel and baubles as well!) Please help spread the word to other chaplains, and feel free to send us pictures / stories you want shared if you’re not on Twitter yet.  Get thinking, get creative and enjoy #aChaplainsChristmas!

Phil Maltby, Methodist Forces Board Projects Officer

and don't forget to follow the Methodist Chaplaincies twitter feed, @MethChaplaincy 


Sarah & Libby lean on Hope, thier converted motor caravan

Commissioning & Hope!

News from Great Western Park, Didcot

Milton Methodist Church was packed on Sunday 2nd July for the special Circuit Service to commission our two new Community Chaplains to Great Western Park (GWP) and to bless the motor-home, "Hope" which is their peripatetic base.

The picture shows Sarah and Libby leaning on their trusty stead Hope.

Read more about GWP on the Wantage MC website or visit the GWP Facebook page   

Graphic recording od a chaplaincy session

How to share your cloak


Over 40 chaplains and supports of chaplaincy gathered at Heslington Church, York for the How to share your cloak event. Thank you to Siggy Parratt-Halbert and the team for their work on this, and to all those who came to make it such an inspiring day.

We are currently exploring venues for similar events around the country, so get in touch if you would be interested in hosting.

A major feature of the event was the graphic recording used to gather the learning. The pictures show some of this, and we are exploring how best to share the whole set.

Graphic recording of 'How to share your cloak'

Training and Events...

Chaplaincy Summer School

30 July - 3 August 2018

Cliff College, Calver, Hope Valley, Sheffield S32 3XG


Exploring Chaplaincy - An opportunity to learn about contemporary chaplaincy principles and practices, while exploring a vocation for this vital ministry. The course will look at a variety of contexts for chaplaincy, including new ways of working, as well as identifying the central themes which can make this ministry so significant for churches seeking mission beyond its walls.


The course is ideal for anyone, lay or ordained, thinking of getting involved in chaplaincy at any level, as well as those who are already active.


Booking and more information from the Cliff College website

Workplace Chaplaincy Mission

National Conference 2018

Monday 25 June 1pm – Tuesday 26 June 2pm

The Hayes Conference Centre

Swanwick, Derbyshire DE55 1AU


  • Refreshment and Development for Workplace Chaplains
  • Networking with Chaplains from across the UK
  • Update on National Network

Booking form (available shortly) and more information from the WCM website


Request for help...

Hotel Chaplaincy

Leigh Angels have been approached by a manager at a hotel just out of town to explore how they might provide chaplaincy support in a hotel setting. 

Has anyone any experience of working this context that you would be willing to share?  

Contact us with your ideas and experience.


Prison Chaplaincy Vacancies



Christian Chaplain, HMP Parc, Bridgend (External)

Christian Chaplain, HMP Swansea (External)


Find out more on the Free Churches Group website

or Contact Bob Wilson, Free Churches Faith Advisor to NOMS & Secretary for Prison Chaplaincy 

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