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March 2018
Singing the Faith Plus

New Easter hymn


As we enter Holy Week, Singing the Faith Plus looks towards, and beyond, the events of Holy Saturday and Easter Day. With Andrew Murphy’s new Easter hymn, A new day dawns, we are reminded that in Orthodox Christian thinking the day of resurrection is regarded as the eighth day of creation – God’s creative Word stretching from the great “Let there be light” to beyond the miracle of the empty tomb.

Taking time to absorb the weekend’s events, we also offer hymns for Easter people in Hymns of Resurrection and Christ is alive! Christians will sing. These include our growing selection of responses to the question: No hymn for Thomas?

(And a note for hymn writers: we are processing a significant number of hymn submissions at present. If you’ve not heard, don’t panic – we’ll respond to individuals as soon as possible.)

Tell us your favourite Wesley hymn


The end of this month (29 March) marks 230 years since the death of Charles Wesley. Singing the Faith includes 79 of his hymns, together with three of his brother John’s. Between them, their hymns make up 11 per cent of those in the book.

Let us know your favourite Charles Wesley hymn in Singing the Faith and we’ll compile your “top ten”. Email us and share your thoughts on Twitter #charleswesley

Listen to the Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler speaking about Charles Wesley's genius as a hymn writer in Methodist Church podcasts.

Hope in God's Future

At the instigation of the Joint Public Issues Team, we have been working on a new section of the website: Climate & Creation.


Our resources are designed to help worship planners and music leaders create worship that both inspires and challenges congregations to think about these topics in faith terms. They build on the statement and report of Methodist Conference, Hope in God’s Future, which offers a theological basis for encouraging discipleship in the context of climate change.


Follow the drop down Climate & Creation menu from any website page to explore:



Our worship resources include an overview of the hymn book section “The Glory of God in Creation and Providence” (StF 99-118), asking the question Why do we sing about creation?

Anniversaries and dreams


On StF+ we mark occasional anniversaries that may stimulate helpful worship and reflection around important Christian concerns and commitments.


On 4 April, we mark 50 years since the death of Martin Luther King. We invite you to explore his legacy in a series of articles and links we developed on the 50th anniversary of his “I have a dream” speech. In the steps of Martin Luther King explores our responses to questions such as “Who was Martin Luther King speaking for?” and “How do we move beyond guilt?” You may wish to use Pam Pettitt’s hymn, ‘I have a dream’, a man once said, published on StF+.

Looking ahead to the centenary later this year of the armistice that ended World War one, Stainer & Bell’s magazine The Bell (Spring 2018) includes a specially written hymn by Methodist hymn writer Andrew Pratt, How can we sing of that sad conflagration?

Where have all the events gone?


If you know of any upcoming events that have to do with hymns, church music, or Singing the Faith itself, then do let us know and we will add them to our Events page (which, at the moment, is sadly and incomprehensibly empty – how can that be?!).

You can get in touch with me by emailing, using the feedback page of the website.


With good wishes from all of us involved with Singing the Faith, as together we learn more about being Easter People.



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