House Groups


Learning about the love of Christ, through Bible Study and open discussion, taking place in a number of homes throughout the month.


The East Fareham House Group meets monthly usually on the third Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.  At present we are studing the book 'Sense and Nonsense' by Malcolm Rothwell .  New members are always welcome.  It is probably a good idea to email Joan Padley (as below) to confirm the date and venue of meetings.

East Fareham Housegroup

The West Fareham House Group meet at 10.00am.on the fourth Tuesday of the month in Catisfield.
We have discussions on Bible based topics and also on topics suggested to us by books and films.
New members are always welcome.
If you would like more details email...

 The North Fareham House Group is at present studying  " Old Testament Characters".  We are a Bible Study group.  New members are very welcome, and if anyone would care to join us, the first meeting will be on Wednesday 13th March at 7:45. 

If you would like more details email...

North Fareham Housegroup


The Healing Prayer group meets normally on the first Wednesday in the month.  Although we are a small group we get prayer requests from many of the congregation.  New members are always welcome.

The dates and venues of meetings can be confirmed by Joan Padley. Please email her on...

Healing Prayer Group


PAX is a group which also meets regularly for Bible Study and prayer but also includes music and meditation.