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December 2018
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As I write, the UK feels like a place fraught with unanswered questions. It is not, as a wise person pointed out to me, the most unstable place in the world (let’s keep our difficulties in perspective); nevertheless, Brexit uncertainties will surely accompany us into Christmas.


And for each of us there will be personal and community questions and concerns that won’t disappear just because the Christmas lights have been turned on.


It’s not escapism, though, to give thanks for the certain dawn of Advent hope on Christmas Day. Nor is it facile to welcome the God-is-here-ness of our sung Emmanuels as they are transformed into the stories of Epiphany. As our guide to Epiphany points out, this early January feast “is not the end of a journey; it’s only the beginning”.


To help with that journey, you’ll find lectionary hymn suggestions now in place for January – including for Epiphany itself, which this year falls on the first Sunday of the year.

Covenant and renewal


Part of the opening rhythms of the new year for many Methodists is an annual Covenant Service.


Though some churches also hold the service in September, at the outset of the new Church year, for many congregations it still takes place at the start of January. Created by John Wesley in 1755, the service is a unique Methodist contribution to the worship life of the wider Church.


Hymns for Covenant and renewal introduces readings and hymns for this service, and links to more information on the Methodist website.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2019


Holocaust Memorial Day takes place annually on January 27th (in 2019, a Sunday), and marks not only the persecution of Jews during World War 2 but also that of other distinct groups, both during the war and since. 


This year’s theme is Torn from Home. StF+ offers suggestions of hymns appropriate to this memorial day, and also makes a connection with resources compiled for Refugee Week, which takes place later in the year.

Finding the widow's mite in Singing the Faith


Occasionally, we are contacted by individuals asking about hymns that might be suitable for a specific theme in worship. Recently, we were asked for hymns to go with the story of the widow’s mite in the Gospel of Mark. Here are our thoughts.

If you want help sourcing hymns for a particular worship service or event, let us know and we’ll put the word out for ideas and suggestions. Get in touch at


You can get in touch with me by emailing, using the feedback page of the website.


For now, may all of us at Singing the Faith offer you our heartfelt wishes for a Christmas where hope becomes real and a New Year where peace takes wings.



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