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September 2018
Singing the Faith Plus

Resources for all seasons

Following a slow summer (literally, in the case of the website itself), the new church year has seen Singing the Faith Plus springing back into action.

Lectionary hymn suggestions are now in place for October and November. This period will include a number of days and weeks of note (see below), including Remembrance Day, on which we will mark 100 years since the end of World War 1.

Our Remembrance Sunday page offers the ideal place to start exploring hymns, reflections and additional resources to support meaningful worship on a day that combines memory with commitment, horror with hope.  

Praise for the music


The task of posting 30 second audio clips of every hymn in Singing the Faith is now complete, meaning that you can now hear what every hymn sounds like. You’ll be surprised how many hymn verses come in under the 30 second limit.


At the same time, we’ve added a facility to scroll back and forth through the hymns, just like flipping the pages of your own hymn book. Start at All people on earth that do dwell (StF 1) and keep going. (Or go backwards through Liturgical Settings!)

Remind yourself of the old and get to know the new.

Challenge, petition, blessing – new hymns on StF+


We’ve also been sifting through the sizeable number of new hymns submitted to StF+ from all over the world for consideration. We can’t accept every hymn you send us – often because they don’t fit our criteria for publishing.

However, we’re delighted to have published five new hymns, including two new communion hymns and a setting of the Beatitudes. We introduce them here.

Church and society


How we respond in faith to events and concerns in the news is one of the questions addressed when we gather for worship. We believe at StF+ that hymns are a valuable resource for helping us to find and express answers.

At a time when there is much discussion about how best to support those living with mental illness, Mental Health Day (10 October) presents a focal point for reflection. Consider re-visiting the hymns of William Cowper who, more than most, expresses both ardent faith and mental vulnerability in his writing.

In the middle of the month we think about all those affected in some way by our prison service, much in the news at present: Prisons Week, 14-20 October.

And, finally, Sunday 28 October is Bible Sunday, with this year’s resources inspired by the second letter of Timothy.

Our website


Singing the Faith Plus is now more than seven years old. For a website, that’s pretty old!

Using feedback from our user survey earlier in the year, to which you gave a great and detailed response, we are looking at how the site should be shaped and presented in the future.


We’ll keep you posted as our plans develop.

You can get in touch with me by emailing, using the feedback page of the website.


With good wishes from all of us at Singing the Faith.



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