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Emergency Newsletter March 2013
Urgent E-petition calling on the Government not to backtrack on Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol
Following recent media reports that the Government is about to abandon its commitment to introduce a Minimum Unit Price (MUP), we are writing to ask you to sign this e-petition created by the British Medical Association.

As part of its alcohol strategy in March 2012, the Government committed to introducing an MUP for alcohol. Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Churches have formed part of the wider coalition of faith groups and charities who have campaigned for a MUP for several years. (Click here for a summary of our engagement).

Since we blogged on this issue last week, there has been an increasing tendency in media reporting to speak of MUP in the past tense, although no definite statement has been made. Until two weeks ago, MUP was still set to be implemented, the only question being whether the price should be 45p as suggested by the Government, or 50p as preferred by medical research. Yet it is possible that MUP will be quietly discarded in next week's Budget.

The British Medical Association have created this e-petition on behalf of the Alcohol Health Alliance, a group of around 70 medical bodies and leading experts campaigning together for a Minimum Unit Price. Dr Sarah Woolaston, Conservative MP for Totnes, has stated that a Government failure to implement MUP will cost lives.

Please take a moment to review the evidence and consider signing the e-petition.

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