Monthly Sunday Lunch
18th March 2018
This is open to all members of the congregation and all family and friends.

There is no set charge for the meal; we just ask for donations, this month for the church funds.

If you would like to make a pudding of your choice and bring it along, that would be very good – thank you!

The Menu:

Starter: Soup or pate.

Main course: Chicken breasts in gravy or BBQ sauce; sausages; roast potatoes; vegetables.

Puddings: Variety.

There will be a list in the Welcome Area for you to sign. Please come along and enjoy a Sunday roast! Also – if you can stay to help until all the washing up is done, please sign the helpers list. It then means that those of us who have been at church since 8.45am can slip away before 3pm! Thank you!!


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